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With my services you always maintain full rights, complete control, all your publishing files, and 100% of your royalties.

You’re looking for someone whose proven honest, reliable and trusted to publish a quality book for you. Such companies aren’t easy to find and that’s why I’ve published my own books since 2007. I’ve also published many books for other authors who wanted honest, affordable, quality publishing for their books. Click above for my testimonials and read below for more details about my services.

I Publish Your Book But You Can Be The Publisher of Record

My title means that I help self-publishers get books published. I’m a small, one-person, independent publishing house with a long list of satisfied authors. Click above for testimonials.

As a small company I can keep my prices affordable and start off with a free, no obligation, no pressure consultation by email, phone, or in person.

We can discuss your book, your options, pricing, terms and you can take my free how-to book in case you decide to do it all yourself.

Contact me today at or call 512-217-4803 for your free consultation.

Bill Benitez

Positive Imaging, LLC

When someone else publishes your book they are the publisher of record and that could affect your control of the book and related files. When I publish your book you can choose to be the publisher of record and you always maintain full control of your book, all the book files, full copyright, and all royalties.

Check out the list of benefits of using our publishing plan shown below. Each one is explained in detail but I welcome your questions at 512-217-4803 or with no pressure or obligation to purchase anything. A full consultation is available at no cost.

Self Publishing - To self publish you must control the printing and distribution of your book. We use Createspace, which has served us well since 2008. With our publishing plan you can have an account on Createspace. During the publishing process we work with them to publish and distribute your book worldwide. Once the publishing is complete we transfer control of this account to you with concise written instructions on how to handle the account yourself. Since this account is in your name, you are the publisher of record. You can use this account to keep track of all your sales, royalties, etc. by preparing reports at any time.

Benefits of Our Publishing For Self Publishers

ISBN - The ISBN number can be a problem when a publisher owns it. And, accepting a free ISBN from any company without the right to use it will be a problem if you wish to move to a different printer. With our publishing plan we issue an ISBN to your book and give you full rights to move it to any printer you choose.

Formatting - We format your book for print and digital publishing and you keep all files for future use in anyway you choose. You own your book completely. We upload the files for publishing both print and digital versions. During this process we will obtain up to three proofs so you can check and approve the book before we actually have it published.

The Cover - We create an attention grabbing cover for the print version and the digital version of your book. We provide you several choices for the final cover.

Printer/Distributor - Createspace will create an eStore for your book based on a description and author bio that we provide. You can use that eStore to handle all fulfillment of orders for your readers at retail or for yourself at wholesale. When readers buy books from your eStore, Createspace charges a 20% commission instead of the 40% commission charged by Amazon. You can buy books for your own use at the printing cost only with no commission in any quantity you choose.

Media Kit - We will create a media kit blog or website with your name and book name and provide free hosting for one year. We will create an email account with the domain name and you can have the email forwarded to any existing email account.

Copyright Registration - We will complete copyright registration in your name by filing with the Library of Congress and mailing two copies of the print book for the registration.

Initial Promotion - We will perform initial promotion on Goodreads, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter using your account or creating new accounts.

Total Price For All Services Listed Above:

$595.00 plus sales tax

Manuscript to Worldwide Distribution - A complete publishing service where we do all the work and you are the publisher of record. For an additional fee we can create an imprint name to use instead of your name. We also have additional services available but there is no obligation to purchase anything else for this service.

Self publish and maintain complete control, all the files, all the rights, and all the royalties. For more information contact Bill at 512-217-4803 or Click HERE to check out our testimonials.

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All the services in this package are also available separately for a reasonable hourly rate. Please contact me to discuss specific services. Read about two new services below. Thanks.

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