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Best Application For Writing Books

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I am always learning new things but I try to keep things as simple as possible. Recently I read a lengthy exchange regarding the best application for writing a book (Word, Wordperfect, OpenOffice, Scrivner, Etc). It was clear that many were confusing writing with formatting and layout and with publishing. You can write your book with almost any application or even with pen and paper. How you write your book really makes little difference upon the final product.

I use Word to write because that is what I have and am accustomed to. I type in the plain vanilla Normal style until I finish the book. Then I edit several times myself and have others take a shot at it until I finally arrive at a final manuscript with which I’m comfortable. Through this point it matters not the application you use.

Then I switch gears, or is it hats, and become a publisher. Once that happens none of those applications, which are office productivity not publishing applications, is acceptable unless you are just producing an ebook. If you are going for a printed book I advise the use of a good desktop publishing software. My favorite, which I have used for a dozen books, is PagePlus from the Serif software company in Britain. The latest version is X7 but X4, usually available for a fraction of the cost of the new version, does a great job, as does version X5. Even if you went for the newest version and paid full retail it would cost only $99.00, an absolute bargain for a fine application.

No, I don’t sell the product nor do I benefit from it’s sale either from the new version on the Serif web site or older versions from Amazon. I just know it’s a great tool for publishing any book. So, no matter what software you choose to write your book, once you are ready to publish it’s time to find a publishing tool.

Why Write and Self Publish?

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It seems that many writers feel that those who self publish are having a negative impact on the publishing business. Some of these disappointing comments mention that many would-be writers have nothing to say. Let’s assume that there is some truth to that, what does it really mean. If you have an idea for a book and decide to write it and self publish, how does that hurt anyone else? Wanting to do it is reason enough. Once the book or ebook is published, the market will decide if it has value.

Whether the books I choose to write become financial successes or total failures, all the choices, risks, and rewards are mine not those who choose to disparage books or self publishing because they don’t meet some perceived standard.

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