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A New and Fascinating Christian Book

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Working on completing the publishing of a new and fascinating Christian book by David L. Mundine of Milam County, Texas. “Behind The Glass Door” will move you. Learn more about it or buy a prepublication copy at

To write Behind The Glass Door David Mundine had to overcome the fear of putting himself out there for possible ridicule and humiliation.

Now, after years of resistance, he bravely shares all the details of the visions and other deeply moving experiences of his life. It’s a journey from which all of us can learn and gain inspiration.


Even Free May Disappoint!

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Sometimes even giving something free doesn’t work! At least it seemed that way on Saturday when no one showed up for my free self publishing workshop, My best guess is that most people come to bookstores to find books to read not to learn how to write and publish books. Anyway, the Half Price Books staff was great and they have a fascinating bookstore and low prices. As to the workshop, it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe I will do one online and maybe I’ll just keep publishing books for others. .


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