My New Writing and Self Publishing Book

Do we really need another book on self publishing? Obviously, there are dozens of books on the subject already and I own many of them. Reading some of those books has helped me to learn more about writing and publishing in two ways. One is by learning valuable lessons to help me do a better job. The other is learning things to avoid which also helps me do a better job on my books. In that sense they were all of value even though some were excellent while others contained little of real value and little specificity.

There was something that I was looking for and didn’t find in the books I purchased. What I wanted was a clear road map to producing a quality book. I wanted the how-to from the moment I thought about writing the book through the final publishing. What’s more, I didn’t want ten options on how to do it. I wanted a plan that had already worked and I wanted it in a step by step, easy to comprehend manner.NewSelfPublishing

As time passed and I published a few books I realized that I needed much more. I wanted to operate my own publishing business. Not just to publish my own books or those of authors willing to pay me to publish theirs, I wanted to select good books and publish them. Recently, I did exactly that with a wonderful detective story that I read called Henry Wood Detective Agency by a writer named Brian Meeks.

There was something else I wanted to do with my business and that was to remain a one-person operation doing almost all the work myself and sub contracting out those few things for which I needed help. Now that is accomplished I describe the entire process in my new how-to workbook, “Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step.” Click on the title to read all about this new and comprehensive¬† how-to workbook. But the book is not everything. There are two informative blogs with valuable self publishing information and you can email me with questions any time. Coming soon are custom tutorials and coaching.

“This workbook is an amazing publishing guide for any author who wants to do it all him or herself.”
Patricia Fry, author, speaker, editor


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