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Ready To Self Publish Your Book? Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step, the self publishing guidebook I wrote, covers every step in detail with clear and concise instructions and screenshots. Use Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step to follow my proven method and create a quality book every time and take it to worldwide distribution.

Don’t listen to those anti self publishing malcontents who keep knocking self publishers. Of course there are bad self published books just like there are bad traditionally published books. But your book can be well formatted, well edited, well printed with an excellent cover that you’ll be proud to show anyone. That’s the only kind of book I’ve published and yours can be the same. It takes work and there is a learning curve and only you know if you need more guidance or if you prefer to hire someone to do it all or parts for you. No matter what you decide, you don’t have to purchase unreasonable and expensive packages to get it done.

No matter what level of guidance you need my company, Positive Imaging, LLC, is ready to help with one-on-one personal assistance. I will personally assist you by doing all the work or only the parts you don’t wish to handle. You can just submit your completed manuscript and I will take it all the way to worldwide distribution. Or, simply assist you to take it there yourself. The decision is yours. Now you can publish your own book or ebook and sell it worldwide without buying and storing a garage full of books.

My help can include one-on-one consulting, tutorials, or using my self publishing workbook. The choice is yours but the outcome is always a quality book or ebook with worldwide marketing and fulfillment while dealing with only one person throughout the process. No package, just exactly the help you need to create and market a quality book or ebook.


Advantages of My Services:


Here are just a few advantages of working with me on your book:
1. I manage every aspect of my publishing business. If editing or graphics work is needed I work with talented contractors with whom I’m familiar and trust to do great work but you always work with me. I handle each job personally.
2. You choose only the help you need. You do all the things you can handle and I do the rest. Or, I can teach you how to handle any aspect so you can do it yourself.
3. As the sole owner of Positive Imaging, LLC I can adjust to your needs without being hindered by the whims of others. I help you to help yourself and you save time and money.
4. If you are looking for a complete package, we can customize a package specifically for your needs instead of just accepting any existing package of services.
5. I can help you get a paperback book completed and ready for international distribution with your own fulfillment web site so you don’t have to stock books or fulfill orders.
6. I can help you to create and setup an ebook with Kindle, Smashwords, or Clickbank.
7. I can even create an imprint just for your book or several books.


Contact Information


Contact me at bill@positive-imaging.com for a free initial, no obligation consultation with a fair and reasonable quote for the services you choose. Or call me at 512-217-4803 and let’s talk about your book.


Publish yourself with my help


What’s your reason for writing a book? Do you have an important story to tell? Do you have a skill to share with others, something many people would love to learn? Whatever the reason, now is a great time to turn it into a book.


Traditional Publishers Are Not The Only Option For Your Book


The publishing world has changed and you can have a book published without dealing with a traditional publisher or a costly vanity publisher who charges you a large sum to publish your book and then maintains ownership. You can publish a quality book yourself and choose only the help you need and maintain all the rights and all the profit. I can help you create a quality book or ebook.


Publish and Market Your Book Worldwide With A Small Investment


Now you can publish an ebook with a small investment and a quality paperback for little more. Don’t even think about ordering or keeping hundreds of books in your garage. You won’t need an inventory of books because yours will be printed and sold by the largest book seller in the world. Once your book or ebook is published you need only think about the best ways to let everyone know about your book so they will buy it. You won’t have to handle credit card sales, packaging, or shipping. All of that is done for you and your share is deposited directly into your bank account. Contact me today at bill@positive-imaging.com and learn how to get started right away.


I Can Help You Get Published Now


I own and operate Positive Imaging, LLC and I call my process Positive Publishing. My services are personalized and customized for each client. You choose the level of help you need. The more you do the less it cost. I don’t have standard packages. Instead, we create your package together based on your specific needs.


A Real Guarantee


You can be certain that your quality book will be available worldwide to anyone interested and that you will profit significantly from any sales made. Regardless of my level of involvement in assisting you, I also guarantee that you will keep full rights to your book so you can choose to take it elsewhere at anytime. Naturally, I can’t promise you will sell lots of books. No one can guarantee you a certain amount of sales. That is determined by the popularity and marketing of your book or ebook.


Additional Services


I have friends I trust who perform related services for me. These services include editing, proofreading, and promotion. These services can be priced separately or be part of a total package. There is no obligation to use any of these services.

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