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The mission of Publishing Simplified is to make independent (self) publishing as simple as possible by presenting useful information and valuable tools based entirely on first-hand experience publishing over forty print and ebooks.

By taking advantage of that extensive experience and developing simple methods to write and publish books and ebooks Bill Benitez has written several books on self publishing, created easy to use publishing tools, and posts as often as possible on this blog to help you do the same. Your questions and are always welcome. Please visit regularly and participate regularly as all aspects of the writing and publishing process are discussed. Thanks.

For those who want all the details on publishing books or ebooks in one compact, concise, and comprehensive package, Bill’s books, How-To Independently Publish Print Books With No Investment and Independent Publishing of Ebooks, contain complete instructions, precise screenshots, and links to help you write, publish and distribute your book or ebook worldwide. Get complete information on these valuable books at: http://booksfor.publishingsimplified.com/ .

Bill’s latest tools are geared to make the creation of Kindle books easy and inexpensive. The two listed below are available now.

Easy Kindle Formatting Kit – The kit includes an easy to use and modify template so you can have control over the final appearance of your ebook and a detailed set of instructions for use with the template or to create your own original file. That’s right, using these instructions you can create your own template to use as often as you choose. Check it out now at http://easykindleformattingkit.com/ .

Easy Kindle Covers – A great, attention getting cover is critical to the success of your Kindle ebook. You can pay a lot for a good cover but now you can save money while still selecting a quality cover from Easy Kindle Covers.

It’s a simple and inexpensive four step process and you pay nothing until you’re satisfied with the cover. Check it out at http://easykindlecovers.com/ 


Please email bill@positive-imaging.com with question or comments.

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