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I use PagePlus to create the print ready files for my books because it is a great desktop publishing application and a real bargain. Even the newest version (X6) is available from Serif, the software maker, for only $99 and older versions (X4 and X5) which are perfectly adequate, are available from sources like Amazon for $10 to $25.

PagePlus allows you to easily create a print ready file with only text or will images, tables, etc. You can even import a pdf file and then edit it completely. You can create every chapter of a book separately but as part of one file and then convert the entire file to a print ready pdf with ease.

I believe in the right tool for every job and for publishing the right tool is a desktop publishing application not an office productivity tool like Word. It is especially geared for publishing and ensures the best results consistently.

You can get complete information on how to use PagePlus for preparing print ready files in my new book Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others. Complete information is available now at http://selfpublishingworkbook.com

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